How to Summarize Audio Files with AI

OpenAI Anthropic Audio processing

Today, we are inundated with information from all sides. Audio files, in particular, are a rich source of knowledge but can be time-consuming to consume in their entirety. That's where ParsePrompt comes in. With our innovative AI-based media processing software, you can extract and summarize audio files in a matter of minutes.

How it Works

ParsePrompt uses AI models like OpenAI and Anthropic to process audio files. All you need to do is select the audio file as your media asset, then "push" it into a customized AI prompt. Our software will then convert the audio file into a transcript using AssemblyAI and run it against the prompt. The result? An AI-powered output that provides a concise summary of your audio file in text, json, or markdown format, which is perfect for blog posts or other written media!

How to use AI to summarize audio

One of the most popular use cases for this feature is summarizing podcasts. Podcasts are an incredible source of information, but they can often run for an hour or more. With ParsePrompt, you can get the key points or a summary from a podcast episode in a fraction of the time.

This feature is also great for summarizing lectures, webinars, or any other type of long-form audio content. It can even be used to transcribe and summarize interviews or meetings, saving you the hassle of manual transcription.

Need to bulk process dozens of audio files? That's fine, upload a CSV and ParsePrompt will run a bulk operation and process all the files at once!

Who Should Use This Feature?

This feature is perfect for anyone who wants to make the most of their time.

  • Busy professionals can use it to stay up-to-date with industry news and trends without having to listen to entire podcast episodes or webinars.

  • Students can use it to summarize lectures and study more efficiently.

  • Journalists and researchers can use it to transcribe and summarize interviews.

The possibilities are endless!

Push generated outputs to 6000+ apps with Zapier

ParsePrompt integrates seamlessly with Zapier, allowing you to push the output to various integrations. You can save your summaries directly to Google Drive or Dropbox, or even send them to your CRM. This makes it easy to store, share, and manage your summaries, all from one place.

Chrome extension (for on-demand processing as you browse the web)

To make things even easier, ParsePrompt also has a Chrome extension. This allows you to select assets or copy text for AI processing while you browse the web. Found a great podcast episode while surfing the web? No problem. Just use our Chrome extension to select the audio file and ParsePrompt will take care of the rest.

Wrapping Up & Takeaways

In conclusion, ParsePrompt is a powerful tool that can save you time and help you extract the most value from your audio files. Whether you're a busy professional, a student, or a researcher, our software can help you summarize audio content quickly and efficiently. And with our Zapier integration and Chrome extension, it's never been easier to manage your summaries. So why wait?

In conclusion, here's why you should give ParsePrompt a try (signup for a free account here).

1.) Ease of Use: ParsePrompt, combined with OpenAI, Anthropic, and AssemblyAI, offers a straightforward method for converting audio files into written summaries.

2.) Flexibility: Users can customize the output format, length, and creativity level by adjusting settings like max tokens and temperature.

3.) Efficiency: The platform supports batch processing, which is ideal for handling multiple files simultaneously.

4.) Automation: Integration with Zapier allows users to automate the distribution of the generated content to various platforms or for personal notifications.

5.) Accessibility: Parse Prompt offers a seven-day free trial, with pricing starting at $25 per month, making it accessible for various users and use cases.

6.) Versatility: The tool is not limited to audio files; it can also convert YouTube videos, PDFs, and more, enabling content repurposing and broader distribution.

Repurpose content with AI

Get more distribution by regenerating content with AI. Turn Youtube videos into blog posts, audio files into summaries, and so much more.