How to automatically summarize Zoom meeting recordings with OpenAI

Summarize Zoom Meetings OpenAI

In today's workplace, Zoom calls have become a staple in our daily work routines. While they've made collaboration and communication easier, the task of summarizing these meetings can be quite daunting. You can manually take notes on the call, but it can be difficult to pay attention to the speaker. Alternatively, you could have someone else take notes, which is annoying for them. Enter ParsePrompt, a new software tool powered by leading AI models (Anthropic & OpenAI) that can help you create custom summaries for your Zoom meetings with ease.

How does it work? Let's break it down step by step.

Step 1: Record your Meeting on Zoom

First things first, when you are starting the call you will want to make sure you are recording. This is a crucial step as ParsePrompt works by processing a recording. Without the recording, there's nothing to process :)

Please also make sure that the video recording isn't password protected. You can change your settings here to enable this functionality.

Step 2: Send the Meeting Recording to ParsePrompt using Zapier

Once you've finished your meeting, it's time to let ParsePrompt work its magic using the leading automation platform, Zapier. Zapier will "push" the meeting recording URL into ParsePrompt for processing.

Step 3: Let ParsePrompt transcribe the meeting recording

The next step in the process is transcription. ParsePrompt leverages an integration with AssemblyAI to transcribe the meeting and turn the audio file into a written transcript. Every word spoken is recorded and transformed into text, ensuring that no detail is missed.

Step 4: Run the Transcription Through AI

After the transcription is complete, it's time for the AI to take over. ParsePrompt uses either OpenAI or Anthropic to process the transcription. You can determine custom rules so the summary is structured in the exact format that you want.

Once the AI has processed the transcription, it then generates a concise, comprehensive summary of the meeting based on the rules you have provided. This isn't a simple list of points; it's a well-structured summary that gives you a clear understanding of what was discussed, decisions made, and actions to be taken.

Step 6: Save the AI-generated summary in 6,000+ apps

The final step is all about convenience. With ParsePrompt's integration with Zapier, you can save the generated summary anywhere you want. Whether you prefer Google Drive, Dropbox, or your CRM, ParsePrompt ensures that your summary is easily accessible and ready for your review.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, ParsePrompt is a game-changer for anyone who regularly attends Zoom meetings and needs a quick, efficient way to summarize them. With its advanced AI technology and seamless integration with Zapier, it's never been easier to keep track of your meetings. Plus, with a 7-day free trial and plans starting at just $25/mo, getting started with ParsePrompt is a breeze. Try it today and revolutionize your meeting summaries!